Collections & Drives


Thank you for your interest in supporting our ministry by taking the time and effort to organize a collection drive. There are a variety of drives from which to choose (i.e. – fundraising, food collection, clothing, linens, etc.). Your team can make all the difference and help our men who are being transformed by Christ to a life free of addiction!

How To Schedule a Drive

Step 1: Choose a Collection Drive

Year Round Drives

  • Fundraising
  • Food collection
  • Bedding, blankets, and towels
  • Clothing
  • Shoe Drive
  • Personal Hygiene

Seasonal Drives

  • Christmas gifts
  • Warm Clothing/Socks

Step 2: Motivate Your Team

Getting others involved is the key to the success of any drive. Building excitement while putting compassion in action is the doorway to fulfillment. Here are some methods that work:

  • Competitive: provide a way for one team to “out do” the other
  • Compassion: make your team aware of the needs they are meeting
  • Contribution: everyone has something to give

Step 3: Promote the Drive

Building and sustaining the participation of a drive team is important. We encourage you to use announcements, posters, and collection boxes to keep your team aware of details and deadlines. We can help you get these promotional materials together!

Step 4: Post-Drive Planning

  • Complete log sheet of man hours
  • Assign a team member to arrange delivery of items and log sheet to Trinity Life Ministry
  • Schedule a tour of Trinity Life Ministry with your Drive team

Step 5: Celebrate!

Celebrate your team’s accomplishments with a special party, meeting, or gathering. Provide a meaningful memento of what was accomplished.