Welcome to the application page. Please read the guidelines, carefully. You may fill out the form below or fill out our paper application. For the paper application, please click Here.

We look forward to receiving your application.

    • All those interested in participating in the Life Transformation program first need to fill out an application.
    • All applicants should write a letter stating their current situation and the reason they wish to be considered. The letter should include any legal proceedings pending, the name of their attorney, the county in which the cases exist and the judge assigned to the case. Our office address is 2150 Elmwood Ave, Lafayette, IN, 47904.
    • All applicants (unless incarcerated) must make telephone contact personally, after sending the letter, to establish an intake interview. Our office number is 765-742-1060.
    • After completion of the intake interview, a decision will be made on acceptance, and the applicant will be notified, usually within one week. If a candidate is accepted into the residential program, a $200.00 entry fee is due and payable at the time of entry.
  • Those currently incarcerated should state so in the letter and request an intake interview be established in the place they are confined. They should also notify the corrections officers of the facility that a representative of Trinity Life Ministry will be requesting a visit for the interview.