Our History

trinity residential location

Our Foundation

Trinity Life Ministry is a gospel mission founded as Trinity Horizons in 1985 by the far-sighted members of a local church, as a transitional living facility for the homeless. The first several years the shelter operated in relative obscurity and neutrality as a homeless facility for all who wished to live in a semi-ordered and semi-structured environment while they attempted to get their lives in order.

That founding and history is important for many reasons and significant in many aspects of what Trinity Life Ministry is now and will be in the future. The premise of an orderly, structured environment is fundamental to what is done now within each of the programs offered and what will work in every aspect of life to come.


Our Future

Building upon this framework, the vision of a Christ-centered ministry to those addicted to drugs and alcohol as a recognized primary element in homelessness was given to our founder. Early success in dealing with addicted individuals through sound Biblical teaching and mentoring grew into the life transformation ministry that thrives today.

We continually evaluate all teaching materials and every success and failure. We then make appropriate adjustments that move the core principles and offerings toward Christ-centered, God honoring living as a means of stemming the tide of brokenness has become the standard.