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A Birthday Surprise!

What to do for a Birthday present? Call Trinity!

We've all been in that conundrum before, right? What in the world do you get as a birthday present for a longtime friend?

What would be meaningful? What would be fun?

The answer to that question gets harder when you live miles away (in another state) during a pandemic!

Tara had this problem because she lives in Massachusetts, but has a good friend - Nel - who lives in Lafayette, IN. Tara really wanted to do something special for Nel, but wasn't sure what to do. Rather than guess, she simply asked her friend:

What do YOU want for your birthday?

Nel had a quick answer: “How about give a donation to Trinity Life Ministry?”

Tara thought that was a sweet idea, so, she gave a donation to our ministry, honoring each year of Nel’s life.

A Mystery Donation from Far Away

When we saw a donation coming to Trinity all the way from Massachusetts, we couldn't believe it! We had to reach out and ask how someone in Massachusetts found out about Trinity.

It's not every day that an addiction recovery ministry in a midwestern town receives a gift from the east coast!

As Tara told us the story behind her donation, we were struck that she had not been able to see her friend in over a year due to COVID. That gave us at Trinity a crazy idea…what if we went to Nel's house with a cake and sang happy birthday to Nel as part of the birthday donation gift surprise?

Double Blessings

Tara was in full support! She even gave the surprise a name, Operation Sneaky Birthday. Tara set up the meeting for us, and we drove to Nel’s house in Lafayette and surprised her with a cake!

Not only were WE blessed by Tara's donation to the ministry in Nel's honor, but we were also blessed to bring joy to Nel for her birthday. It was an unexpected gift to be a bigger part of Tara's birthday present to her friend!

God is so good!

Thankful for Supporters of the Work God Is Doing for Those Battling Addiction

Here at Trinity Life Ministry, we could not do what we do without the support of so many faithful givers. When people give prayer, time, or financial support, it makes an eternal difference in someone's life...someone seeking to overcome the devastating affects of addiction.

We are ever grateful for friends like Tara and supporters of Trinity like Nel!!!

It's a blessing to do the work that we do at Trinity...

... and also to be able to deliver some cake every once in a while!

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