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A Mother's Heart

Insanity rides loud in the front seat

Chaos drowning out my own heartbeat

Voices battling within my mind

That's spinning so fast trying to unwind

Sometimes it's too quiet to sleep

I need to scream but can't make a peep

I know it isn't but then maybe I'm wrong

I can't stop humming but lost words to my song

People stand before me I think I might know

but the ones I see behind my back are moving way to slow

I have a fading memory of a mother and a dad

I know I have a family that must be sad

Oh yes there are children and they look a lot like me

They might be bigger now to set upon my knee

A brother somewhere out there could call my name

Although I want to answer, It can never be the same

Oh I know that Jesus loves me, Oh yes He loves me still

He didn't turn against me and He never will

But Satan doesn't want me here he wants me there with him

But Jesus says He died for me to take away my sin

My sins are dark they haunt by days

I can't even see the sun's rays

We all sin and suffer shame

But Jesus sees it all the same

I need to see through Jesus eyes

So I can again see the sunrise

And listen to the voice in my head

That tells me I'd be better dead

No I choose life and love and hope

And must say no to all the dope

And trust God to guide my path

And never never never go back

For I need to have control of my brain

People think I am insane

And maybe I am right here and now

But I will get back to reality somehow

And I won't drift away again

Cause I won't let Satan in

Get thee behind I will shout

And I'll cast my own demon out

Teaching sharing and telling all

How traps are set and how not to fall

I will serve my fellow man

I'll help my brothers all I can

My life is a struggle but with God I'll survive

And I thank God I'm still alive


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